1. What is TP Network?
    You can work on multiple computers at the same time when using TP Network. With the basic version of Tournament Planner you can do everything. With TP Network you can work on functionalities which are meant for Match Control. You can drag matches on court, enter payments, check-in players and enter results.
  2. There are different options where you can use TP Network:
    1. The Tournament Planner computer is based somewhere silent where the schedule will be made and TP Network is based at the Match Control where they put on the matches on court.
    2. A tournament with a lot of courts or 2 venue’s is easy to taken care of. You can enter two locations and filter this for each TP Network computer.
  3. Things you cannot do in TP Network:
         - Publishing your tournament
         - Sending e-mails or text messages
         - Receiving online entries
         - Edit Tournament Properties
         - Re-schedule matches
  4. What do I need?
    To use Tournament Planner you need an extra computer (or more depends on situation). The computers needs to be connected to the local network. We advise a local network with cables to make sure the connection is always stable.
  5. Setup Tournament Planner for connection
    The TP Network is connected to the Tournament Planner application via a local computer network. All the changes you make in TP Network are instantly sent to Tournament Planner.
    Go to menu Extra > Tournament Planner Network.

    Enter a password in the Password box, you need to enter this password to make a connection from TP Network to Tournament Planner.
    Tick Enabled when you want to open the connection for TP Network.
    Un-tick Enabled to disconnect the TP Network.
  6. How do I connect TP Network
    Open TP Network and click on Login at the right top corner.

    Enter the IP address from the computer where Tournament Planner is running and enter the password. Click OK when you’re ready to make a connection.
    The Scheduled matches will appear when you have successfully connected.

  7. How do I work with TP Network?
    After you made a connection you will see a list with all Scheduled matches.
    At the bottom of the screen you are able to switch to Not Scheduled or Finished matches.

    Double click on a match to see the Match Information.
    At this point you are able to do the same as in Tournament Planner.