Tournament Planner’s new feature Online results makes it possible for Match Control to authorize people to enter results online on their mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Entered results are live on the website and can be downloaded in Tournament Planner. This feature is especially useful when your tournament has many courts, is held on multiple locations or you want to avoid crowds at the match control area. 

Tournament Planner
Before you can authorize people to enter results online you have to enable Online Results and publish the tournament. To do this select Internet > Publish from the main menu:

Please enter a password of at least 8 characters. With this password you can authorize people.
At any time, Match Control can revoke the authorization of all users by changing the password. Click Publish to update the tournament.

Authorization Online Results
Give the password to the people you want to authorize. With the password they can authorize themselves on the tournament website. 
Open on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop and login with your account. Go to the Matches tab of tournament page and click the ‘Enter Results’ button. 
note: the button is only visible between the start date and the end date of the tournament and you have to be logged in.

Enter the password and click SAVE

Your account is now authorized to enter results online. As long as the password is unchanged you can enter results online without having to re-enter the password. 

Online Results:
Click  to enter a result:

Enter the score of the losing player first and the final score will be entered automatically. If you want to enter the score 6-2 6-4, just simply enter 2 and 4. The winner is selected automatically. 

In case of a walkover or retirement you can select this from the Status dropdown menu.
Click SAVE to publish the result online. 

Results entered online cannot be altered through the website. Only Match Control can make the necessary changes in Tournament Planner and publish it on the website.  

Download Results
Match results entered online can be downloaded in Tournament Planner.
To do this select Internet > Download Results from the main menu:

Click on Download to check if new results are available. Click Process to download the results in Tournament Planner.