1. In the main menu go to Player > Add Player to add a player manually to the tournament. 
  2. On the General tab you can enter the most important information of the player:
  3. On the Address tab, you can fill out the player's contact information. If you know the player's mobile number or e-mail address you can contact the player directly from tournament planner. For exmaple to send the match starting time. 
  4. On the Sport tab you can specify the level, rating and rankings of the player. The rankings can also be imported using the menu option Player-->Import Ranking.

  5. On the Events tab you can select the events the player wants to participate in. For doubles and mixed doubles events you can select the partner from the dropdown menu. Make sure you select the doubles event first.

  6. On the Availability tab you can fill in the availability of the player. Click with the mouse on the matrix to activate it. Now, you can move the cursor with the cursor keys or drag a selection by holding the left mouse button.  The availability can be blocked by using the space bar (the red blocks) and you can delete them with the Delete button. Or you can  use the right mouse button to set the availability.

  7. During the tournament you can check Fee tab to see the balance due of the player. 

  8. On the Note tab you can enter some notes about this player. For example that he/she would like to play doubles as well but could not find a partner. 

  9. On the Messages tab you can see all the messages addressed to this player.