An overview is displayed of all the matches. You can change the view to Scheduled, Not Scheduled or Finished matches by clicking the tabs on the bottom.

The matches are ordered by the scheduled times, displaying the first match to play on top. If a match has a note attached you can view it by placing your mouse-cursor over the note-icon  

  1. Player Status
    The players can be displayed in different ways depending on their status:

    Default all players are displayed in blue. This means that the player did not check in and has not been warned yet.

    The player was warned by e-mail or text message but haven't checked in yet. 

    If a player is displayed in black then he or she is present.

    Red underline
    You can tell by the red underline that the player hasn’t paid their entry fee.

    Red text
    The player is currently on court.

    Highlighted matches are displayed in bright yellow to attract your attention.

    You can change the status colors to your liking. Go in the main menu to Extra-->Options-->Tab Match Colors

    Clock - Rest time after match
    When a match has ended a clock will appear behind the names of the players displaying the remaining rest time.  You can set the minimal rest time in the tournament properties on the tab draws
  2. Change player status 
    Double click a match to open the match properties. On the Check in tab you can tick if the players have checked in: 

    Warned tab
    You can set the players as warned. In case of a double event all players can be marked as warned separately.

    Payments tab
    On the Payment tab you can check if the players paid their entry fee. Click Pay to set their status to paid. With the Receipt button you can print a receipt for each player. 
  3. Score Tab - Fill the results
    At Court you can select the court where the match should be played. If the match is finished you can enter the result. Use the cursor keys to navigate through the score field. In the Tournament Properties you can select if the score should be auto completed. If so, it helps you to enter scores quickly. Just enter the score of the losing team and the tournament planner will automatically complete the rest. If you want to enter the score 6-2 6-4, just simply enter 2 and 4.

    After filling the result the winner is selected automatically. if necessary you can set the match Status to walkover, retired, disqualification or a No Match. At Duration the match duration can be filled in. At Umpire you can select the umpire for this match.